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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Beatrice L. Smith

Tombstone Tuesday - Beatrice L. Smith

I'm actually asking your help here. I have an Iowa Cemetery Records report from ancestry.con, based on the 1930's WPA reports saying that Beatrice L. Smith is buried at the Oakdale Cemetery in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. No birth or death date is given.

Is this really my great-great grandmother, wife of Joseph, mother of Michael, born about 1802, in France, died (perhaps) in the 1870s?

Thanks for any suggestions or related information.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. sorry i can't help but i will repost on fb in case someone follows me that doesn't follow you!

  2. Since 1930 you probably already pulled the death certificate. Also the county or city death record will have more. Is the Oakdale Cemetery private or public? If public this is when they will have a city record of it. Can you find the holder of the original Oakdale Cemetery records? Who paid for the burial, this is often a hint. You can also check for the local coroner/funeral home records for that area in 1930 for informant information.
    Happy Solving,

  3. Problem is, the death took place in the 1870s, it appears. The 1930 was when the WPA walked the cemeteries around the country... They didn't have a birth or death date. Not on death records, anywhere I have found. Just checked 12 pages of transcription for Oakdale Cemetery for LDS tape, on liine in Scott County, but her name does not appear! Still a brick wall, it appears. ;-)